Tuesday, 3 November 2009


no. of times dreamed of returning home: gazillion

last night was a bit different-- i dreamed nobody choi me as i was so fat they couldn't recognize me.

and i dreamed i caught a petite chinese lady assassin who tried to finish me off when she realized i knew it was her who chopped off another lady's leg.


thought of another new activity i tried here--

skiing: once

no. of times fell face down: 1

no. of times fell on ass: endless

no. of times whizzed gracefully down slope (like in movies): 0

no. of people i smashed into: 2

no. of trees i crashed into: 1

i DESPISE skiing. i know it makes me sound un-sporty and not fun but i truly do hate it.


now keen to try rogaining but none of my friends are into it!

now at the mercy of mitch, who'll hopefully pair me up with a non-zealous jogger.
just wanna try rogaining, not compete.

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