Thursday, 19 November 2009

are you looking down on me??!

omo last night was a bad, bad night.

s, hd, may, ck, eu jin and i decided to have a booze party. i picked out a bottle of soho lychee liquor and s got an absolut peach. those people ar, never heard of soho before, kept thinking i was demented and had confused solo (fizzy lemon soft drink) with alcohol. duh! do they think i'm stupid or what?!

i'd never been drunk before, maybe tipsy, though mostly i feed off other people's excitement and get high for no apparent reason. but gosh, last night was crap. i didn't know i had an annoying little girl's voice in me >.<

while doing shots, i spat out the vile vodka so i was exempted from consuming it and had soho instead. yum! but though i was consuming half the amount of alcohol as the others, i flushed first and my heart was beating so fast i thought i was phasing into a werewolf (i think i voiced this thought aloud because s kept telling me i was a vamp, not a werewolf).

in hindsight it's pretty funny. shall recall last night and laugh to self so as not to sink into depression from living in an empty apartment (s moved out today). *smile

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