Wednesday, 4 November 2009


had a cup of espresso to jolt myself awake yesterday.
it made my face twitch nonstop for a few hours + my jaw tingled + kept having to get up and walk around the apartment = bad idea.

this is not the best month. everybody is so keyed up.
but misery is only temporary ^^

i know people think it's weird that i like to jog in the football fields behind our campus.
in fact, they think it's weird that i exercise during exams, period.
but it's really peaceful on the fields.. relaxing..
plus it's not like i work out so intensely i exhaust myself--
a 20-minute jog isn't gonna topple me.
one can only punch numbers in calculators for so long.

i effing HATE it when stab their calculators hard during exams, as if they can whip the calculator into magically producing correct numbers.


sue said...

i feel better when i press hard on calculators hahah...the magic numbers do appear in it =p

haha hope u dont sit beside me during performance man ahha

MiN said...

your numbers are correct 'cos you're smart, man >.<