Sunday, 1 November 2009

home ii

rationally, i understand that these are my glory years. my parents are sponsoring me to have fun in a foreign country. it'll all be over all too soon. the last thing i should be doing is to miss home. i should spend january sweltering in melbourne and bitching about the heat.

what surprised me was how much i missed home. i couldn't focus at work yesterday because
1. i could hardly breathe in the still muggy heat, and
2. i missed home.

now that the flight tic home has been booked, i feel calmer, something to look forward to. admittedly i'm still a bit worried about fighting with my parents [it's inevitable, like death] but hopefully it won't be too bad. and the rumor mills in msia working overtime, churning gossip about somebody in aus. seriously, people, you don't have anything better to do? news even reached friends in china. hopefully the dust will have settled in jan.

but what irks me is how i have nothing to show for my year in australia.

australian friends: few but not close

other international friends: few but not close

spunky surfers met: 0

non-spunky surfers met: 0 [the lack of surfers is getting to me]

aussie accent rating: 1 out of 10 [pushing it]

american accent rating: 4 out of 10 [may as well remain in msia and self-educate with gossip girl]

china/taiwanese accent: 9 out of 10 [may as well go to china]

camps attended: 0 [i know i should, but i don't really thrive in the wild and it was effing cold!]

weight gained: a lot [i don't know why but everybody is obsessed with my weight. they keep pestering me to reveal my weight to them. why? why does it matter to them?!]

states visited: perth, gold coast, sydney [surprisingly, most aussies have never been to other states]

no. of conversations i struck up: 0

this list is getting depressing, especially the last one. i was just itching to talk to michael last wednesday but i just couldn't! and i don't even like him! i just find him intriguing as he's taking criminology. what's wrong with me?!

here's to the last few months. allons-y!

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