Monday, 9 November 2009

how to be good

is this a heatwave? or have we adapted too well to the freezing cold of melbourne winter? i'd forgotten what malaysian weather is like, but here i still prefer the dry crackly heat to the dry crackly cold of winter.

out comes my beloved umbrella, and sunscreen is kept in my handbag as opposed to some dusty corner in my room.

reading how to be good and nick hornby is an excellent writer because i'm repulsed by david. so repulsed i chanted ''bastard'' and '' motherfucker'' in a semi-rage at the bus stop. sonak kinda took the steam out of me by correcting my ''beh-sterd'' to ''bah-sterd''. since coming here i'd been confused by correct pronounciation. hd and sonak are both v. brit so sometimes they adjust my accent simply 'cos it's american instead of brit. is my new bff. so far i'd corrected my pronounciation of a few of my fave words-- dilemma and crows (crow is not a fave word but i need to use it on a regular basis when bitching about the hateful creatures). but i also realized there's nothing wrong with my ''body'' and ''bastard'' lalala.


now i'd started it feels quite lovely to while away an afternoon in the cool of the computer lab, dissecting issues which are not issues at all.

met thasha today at caulfield. almost didn't recognize her-- she'd lost half of herself! the first person who slimmed down in this fattening country! wow. apparently she hits the gym 2 hours a day. om-effing-gosh! that's the same amount taylor lautner puts in! i'd rather remain fat than work out 2 hours a day, which can be spent.. blogging in the lab. or studying-- depending on whether your name is min or diane.

bumped in ai also. still svelte and gorgeous as ever-- all clean makeup, understated style and green tea perfume. she is my idol! (as usual, i sound like a stalker. don't worry, i'm not. and i like guys. so there.)

i googled ''audrey hepburn'' after watching my fair lady and was shocked to see her describing herself as plain. gosh! all girls have issues, man.

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Denise said...

Taylor Lautner looks like High School Cute Guys