Thursday, 26 November 2009

lazy day

am attempting to motivate self to get off arse and go to chaddy to drop off some more resumes.

have been going out daily since exams ended on the 13th and am now a bit tired. sue and i both fell into a deep sleep on the train home last night. we must have been exhausted to nod off on public transport like that. even listening to you make my dreams and sugar town, my 2 new fave songs, couldn't wake me.

started reading an entire issue of time recently. i'd always shied away from time, only flipping through and picking out articles that interest me, as i found all the politics-related coverage intimidating. but now i realize the key to enjoying time is to read it backwards, where the easier-to-comprehend bits are. (attempted to start from the front, with an interview with president obama, but was left scratching my head. he doesn't appear to be actually answering any questions. maybe all politicians do that).

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