Tuesday, 17 November 2009

where i become an annoying whiner..

.. and could do with 'one tight slap', as s always likes to say.

terribly homesick last night. even the extra cash boss paid me failed to lift my spirits. mum called while i was sitting outside the restaurant waiting for boss to arrive and unlock the door. don't know why i felt like crying when i heard her voice go, ''min min ah?''

sometimes mum is so outrageous, it's a wonder how we kids turned out so mild-mannered. she kept calling me during my shift and i ended up discussing my return flight plans with her on my cell while keeping an eye on the customers.

now it's all sorted, i'll only be returning for a month. and i have to kiss my bosses' arses so i'll have something to do in the fortnight here before uni begins (in between hitting on surfers-- spunky or otherwise-- on the beach). in fact, seriously contemplating hitting the beach tomorrow.

anyway was miserable so went to hd's room for a bit of a moan. he had an exam today but still patted my head at all the right times.

and audrey and jan came over to bake choc chip cookies afterwards so i became too exhausted to be homesick.

ps. sue and i saw an old surfer at quiksilver in the city, old but spunky! wow-ee!

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