Monday, 28 December 2009

as happening as my 'rents


y housemate pablo asked me if i was interested in grabbing lunch at glen.

had mixed vegetables & tofu hot pot at a korean restaurant. hate telling people i'm vegetarian-- and all the whys? um.. how long have you been a vegetarian? less than a month, just trying it out.. do you eat eggs and milk? i'm trying to avoid them, but they're in everything! especially my faves-- baked goods, chocolate, ice cream..

igh* after lunch pablo suggested driving to a nearby suburb for coffee. i said ok as i'd never been to that suburb before.

''nearby'' turned out to be a half hour drive to mornington! mornington! omo.. speechless. the beach was packed, today being a public holiday and a sunny, almost warm day.

we sang songs in his car. he's trying to introduce me to dance, house, jazz, lounge and pop [ie. annie lennox] and other stuff i hardly touch. the only musical serendipity i had this year was bruce springsteen's magic which i randomly picked off the shelf at narre libby. hated yeah yeah yeah's it's blitz! despite their rave reviews.

we parked at the pier and lined forever for ice-cream. then we walked around the pier. aussies are really into fishing! and i was the only freak bundled up in a thick jacket and full-length leggings. i get cold faster than others, which is why i adore hot weather. when the heat wave hit last wednesday, it initially felt as though somebody had placed a thick, warm, comfy blanket on me-- it took a few hours for the heat to start annoying me.

despite my best efforts, i fell into a deep sleep on the hour long drive back home, where pablo dropped me off at sena so i could fix my hair. have an interview with corialiss tomorrow. i don't think i'll get the job at the hair straightening / curling kiosk if i show up with my usual wild tangled hair.

on a whim i dyed it golden blonde as well and the hairdresser, who is my boss' friend, taught me how to straighten my hair using a straightening iron. hope corialiss will consider keeping me despite my impending return to msia

Sunday, 20 December 2009

honey joys

90g butter or margarine
1/3 cup sugar
1 tbsp honey
4 cups cornflakes

1. melt butter, sugar and honey together until frothy.
2. add cornflakes and mix well.
3. spoon into cup cake cases.
4. bake in slow oven, 150c for 10 minutes.

servings: approx. 24


found this stray recipe whilst unpacking my endless boxes. didn't wanna keep it so decided to save it on laptop.

finally finished unpacking, cleaning, vacuuming, spraying, wiping, arranging and rearranging all my stuff. well, almost. there's no space in my room for my old books and not enough clothes-hangers for my surprisingly complete collection of dresses and jackets, so some are still in boxes on the hallway.

now my new home feels like home, except for all the grime and dirt in public areas.

Friday, 11 December 2009

eternal sunshine of the skinny bitch

when i heard lee proclaim this as the best love story / movie he'd ever heard / seen, i was intrigued. he has eclectic tastes and i'm currently in a download frenzy to pack my laptop and hard disk with free movies and music before i leave hostel [and all the free media that comes with paying exxy rent].

i finished it last night, with a finger on my phone and an eye off the screen-- the bits where faces became feature-less blobs of flesh were disturbing. [phone was scrolled to sue's number so i can call her stat if things get too scary].

i didn't really get parts of the movie-- the twists don't make sense. how can clem suddenly deviate from the memories and start apologizing for erasing joel from her memory? why can joel see himself in the doc's office?

it's kinda beautiful when mary fell for the [damn] doc.. again. it's like fate-- we can't stop fate. but it's kinda sad things had to end the same way. it nearly killed me when joel told clem, 'i don't see anything i don't like about you!' when they fell in love for the second time around.

hah! don't we all, when we first fall in love? then we'll get bored with each other, bitch about each other. they shouldn't have tried again in the end, but the audience would have hated that.


read harry potter and the philosopher's stone as my bedtime story. bad choice. eternal + harry potter = too hyped up to sleep.

i gave up tossing and turning after a while and started on skinny bitch. walau-eh. now the list of food i can eat without giving myself cancer is getting increasingly limited. most of the info in skinny had already been drilled into me by parents but for the milk part.

spooky, what we're shoveling into our mouths happily daily.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

my new home

just paid the $200 deposit for my new pad for next year. it's a furnished room in Clayton, about 10 minutes' walk to Clayton campus. there's a korean girl, a singaporean girl and a chinese couple in the house.

hope all goes well. the house is a bit old and the furniture from another era, but i found it charming. a lot of my peers dislike old houses but i actually love them, as long as everything is in running order.


watched dirty dancing yesterday. loved it! peace corps era? wow. i haven't been clubbing much this year, living like a nun in the suburbs with the cows, but i can't imagine ever dancing like that. i should go dancing more next year, when i'm living closer to the city. all these living in roomy clothes is making me frumpy!

Monday, 7 December 2009

red squares

i'm addicted to coffee. shameful, but it's true. i feel half-awake all the time.

inspected a house in Clayton yesterday. was supposed to check out 2 houses, but the little b*tch of the first house refused to come out to get me when i lost my way. all she did was make me cross 2 big-a** 4-lane highways, then back again.. seriously, what's her problem? i hope she never finds a housemate. nope, i shall pray fervently that she gets somebody with b.o., athlete's feet, greasy hair.. the works, kinda like the messy woman who borrowed my phone at macker's.

when i heard somebody asking to borrow a phone at another table at the outdoor area at macker's, i'd immediately stiffened and hid my phone under my coat. though i knew perfectly well i would lend the person my phone if she asked-- i'd had my fair share of experience borrowing phones off strangers in my high school years and i felt sorry for her. yet i didn't want to pity her, that's what harry did, and a stranger ran off with his phone.

in the end she did end up asking me, and i made her sit opposite me and glared at her while she made the few-nanoseconds call, kinda willing her not to take off with my phone with my super-gaze. it worked :)

Saturday, 5 December 2009


dad forwarded me an email of life advice from a father to his child. the advice is bitingly honest. an example-- don't mind people who aren't nice to you..

''.. so appreciate the people who are good to you, but also be careful, as people always always respond to incentives.''

so true. everybody who has ever talked to me, 99.99% has wanted something tangible from me. especially people who call out of the blue, sometimes i spare them the crappy attempt at small talk and snap, ''what do you want?''

nobody is irreplaceable, no things are needed. love is but a fleeting feeling. do not expect people to treat you the way you treat them.

dad asked me my opinion, and i have none. for my only take on this is that i believe these statements are true, but i somehow believe that we will still be happy despite them. it's blind faith, built on the shaky foundations of my parents' protection. perhaps there shall come a day when i'm on the streets, starving and freezing, alone and mud-caked, flies buzzing above my tangled ropes of unwashed hair.. maybe then i won't feel so optimistic. but for now i have blind faith :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009


taking a short breather from packing. now i know where all my money went! i have so much cooking paraphernalia i could probably run a restaurant now.

i hate moving and packing but there's no other option so i may as well suck it up and get down and dirty. it's easier now that i harbor a secret (well, now not-so-secret) desire to live out of one single suitcase like a nomad. instead of listing my special-occasion glitter lotion as mandatory in my bag, i can bear to part with it for almost a month.

hope i won't be expected to doll up to bring eunice's family around melb. i'd packed all my clothes, only keeping my work clothes and workout gear with me. and an lbd for eugene's convo :)

having my own toilet is the bomb.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

countdown to full blown panic attack

weighed self this morning. very heavy. heaviest point in bloody life, in fact.

add that to the fact that eugene's family is visiting in a fortnight. eunice had always found my obsession with food (or concentrating on not eating them) a bit crazy. har har, this is what happens when you're happy enough to quit counting calories. my fatness will stun them.

plus, kena pecat by one of my bosses this morning. *sigh* at least i saw that coming. everybody had been edgy for the past few months due to the reduced customer flow. being the least inexperienced, quietest and most possible to take off during exams has disadvantages :( well, on the bright side, i won't be scalding my fingers for meager pay.


spent yesterday having a blast at home, watching movies and reading. a bit duh, actually. i should be out playing, but hearing the wind is enough to keep me indoors.

i'd finished reading how to be good, ending was a bit blah for me. probably need to be older and wiser to appreciate it more. finished midnight sun as well. now reading the bell jar.

watched into the wild yesterday. just wanted to see kristen stewart and she didn't disappoint-- all long skinny limbs and prettiness. couldn't relate to chris at all. i love money and prestige. plus he shouldn't have burnt his cash, should have donated it to charity or something. but really admired the way he survived. well, until he died, of course.

tempted to lace up my nikes and just go, go, go like chris. but knew it wasn't feasible for me. i'd die without sunscreen. plus i can't sleep in the cold. times have changed since chris became supertramp-- i might well be kidnapped or worse. still, this bud of an idea shall be filed away in a mental drawer until the day comes when i feel crazy enough to try it.