Monday, 28 December 2009

as happening as my 'rents


y housemate pablo asked me if i was interested in grabbing lunch at glen.

had mixed vegetables & tofu hot pot at a korean restaurant. hate telling people i'm vegetarian-- and all the whys? um.. how long have you been a vegetarian? less than a month, just trying it out.. do you eat eggs and milk? i'm trying to avoid them, but they're in everything! especially my faves-- baked goods, chocolate, ice cream..

igh* after lunch pablo suggested driving to a nearby suburb for coffee. i said ok as i'd never been to that suburb before.

''nearby'' turned out to be a half hour drive to mornington! mornington! omo.. speechless. the beach was packed, today being a public holiday and a sunny, almost warm day.

we sang songs in his car. he's trying to introduce me to dance, house, jazz, lounge and pop [ie. annie lennox] and other stuff i hardly touch. the only musical serendipity i had this year was bruce springsteen's magic which i randomly picked off the shelf at narre libby. hated yeah yeah yeah's it's blitz! despite their rave reviews.

we parked at the pier and lined forever for ice-cream. then we walked around the pier. aussies are really into fishing! and i was the only freak bundled up in a thick jacket and full-length leggings. i get cold faster than others, which is why i adore hot weather. when the heat wave hit last wednesday, it initially felt as though somebody had placed a thick, warm, comfy blanket on me-- it took a few hours for the heat to start annoying me.

despite my best efforts, i fell into a deep sleep on the hour long drive back home, where pablo dropped me off at sena so i could fix my hair. have an interview with corialiss tomorrow. i don't think i'll get the job at the hair straightening / curling kiosk if i show up with my usual wild tangled hair.

on a whim i dyed it golden blonde as well and the hairdresser, who is my boss' friend, taught me how to straighten my hair using a straightening iron. hope corialiss will consider keeping me despite my impending return to msia

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