Friday, 11 December 2009

eternal sunshine of the skinny bitch

when i heard lee proclaim this as the best love story / movie he'd ever heard / seen, i was intrigued. he has eclectic tastes and i'm currently in a download frenzy to pack my laptop and hard disk with free movies and music before i leave hostel [and all the free media that comes with paying exxy rent].

i finished it last night, with a finger on my phone and an eye off the screen-- the bits where faces became feature-less blobs of flesh were disturbing. [phone was scrolled to sue's number so i can call her stat if things get too scary].

i didn't really get parts of the movie-- the twists don't make sense. how can clem suddenly deviate from the memories and start apologizing for erasing joel from her memory? why can joel see himself in the doc's office?

it's kinda beautiful when mary fell for the [damn] doc.. again. it's like fate-- we can't stop fate. but it's kinda sad things had to end the same way. it nearly killed me when joel told clem, 'i don't see anything i don't like about you!' when they fell in love for the second time around.

hah! don't we all, when we first fall in love? then we'll get bored with each other, bitch about each other. they shouldn't have tried again in the end, but the audience would have hated that.


read harry potter and the philosopher's stone as my bedtime story. bad choice. eternal + harry potter = too hyped up to sleep.

i gave up tossing and turning after a while and started on skinny bitch. walau-eh. now the list of food i can eat without giving myself cancer is getting increasingly limited. most of the info in skinny had already been drilled into me by parents but for the milk part.

spooky, what we're shoveling into our mouths happily daily.

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