Monday, 7 December 2009

red squares

i'm addicted to coffee. shameful, but it's true. i feel half-awake all the time.

inspected a house in Clayton yesterday. was supposed to check out 2 houses, but the little b*tch of the first house refused to come out to get me when i lost my way. all she did was make me cross 2 big-a** 4-lane highways, then back again.. seriously, what's her problem? i hope she never finds a housemate. nope, i shall pray fervently that she gets somebody with b.o., athlete's feet, greasy hair.. the works, kinda like the messy woman who borrowed my phone at macker's.

when i heard somebody asking to borrow a phone at another table at the outdoor area at macker's, i'd immediately stiffened and hid my phone under my coat. though i knew perfectly well i would lend the person my phone if she asked-- i'd had my fair share of experience borrowing phones off strangers in my high school years and i felt sorry for her. yet i didn't want to pity her, that's what harry did, and a stranger ran off with his phone.

in the end she did end up asking me, and i made her sit opposite me and glared at her while she made the few-nanoseconds call, kinda willing her not to take off with my phone with my super-gaze. it worked :)

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