Saturday, 5 December 2009


dad forwarded me an email of life advice from a father to his child. the advice is bitingly honest. an example-- don't mind people who aren't nice to you..

''.. so appreciate the people who are good to you, but also be careful, as people always always respond to incentives.''

so true. everybody who has ever talked to me, 99.99% has wanted something tangible from me. especially people who call out of the blue, sometimes i spare them the crappy attempt at small talk and snap, ''what do you want?''

nobody is irreplaceable, no things are needed. love is but a fleeting feeling. do not expect people to treat you the way you treat them.

dad asked me my opinion, and i have none. for my only take on this is that i believe these statements are true, but i somehow believe that we will still be happy despite them. it's blind faith, built on the shaky foundations of my parents' protection. perhaps there shall come a day when i'm on the streets, starving and freezing, alone and mud-caked, flies buzzing above my tangled ropes of unwashed hair.. maybe then i won't feel so optimistic. but for now i have blind faith :)

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