Sunday, 31 January 2010

single 21-year-old chick-- dilemma

last night, fann suggested going to ss2 murni for supper. parents decided to tag along-- yeah, my old folks are more happening than i am. i was gonna go in my baggy t and roomy pants but mum asked, ''are you going in that?! first impressions are very important, you know. you never know who you might meet!''

so i changed into a tank, a shirt and shorts, put on contacts, moisturized my face, dabbed french perfume and wore earrings.. stepped out of my room and met my horrified parents.

''that's too sexy!''

''but you said..''

''i don't think you'll meet anybody special at the mamak.''

duh. so i changed back into a t and house pants, flounced downstairs and..

''hi, auntie.''

smart-aleck bro. there's no pleasing everybody!

Saturday, 30 January 2010

3d s overrated

yesterday: 1st day out in kl as a fat girl

i forgot my sunnies but hid under my cap. took a couple of steps into high school and saw kf. more importantly, he saw me. if he hadn't, i would've legged it so fast i could break the school record. *sigh* had to paste a grin on my face and say hi. i was happy to see him but i would've been happier if i'd been thinner.

spent the day hiding from everybody except kent, who had already witnessed my fatness in australia. but of course, bumped into sulan at mph. at least she didn't say, ''gosh, you're fat!''

now i'm stuck at home, hiding from all my friends, fighting with my stretch marks. sohfong had promised he'll laugh when he sees the new fat me, so i'm avoiding him. whine whine whine. even my dog doesn't recognize me.


on the bright side, sampled yummy japanese green peas yesterday. and watched avatar in 3d. not much different from 2d version. walau eh i love avatar

Saturday, 23 January 2010

tang sha weng

aunt vela woke me at 7am this morning and told me that we're to breakfast at 2nd ah yi's, which is just 2 houses away from uncle peace's.

ah yi taught me how to make nai sha weng, which is, essentially, fried sweetened dough and a camp staple. before i forget..

200ml milk [substitute water for tang sha weng]
150g low protein [di li] flour
20g sugar
40g butter
2 eggs

1. bring milk to boil. add butter and stir.

2. switch off fire. add flour and stir briskly so lumps don't get the chance to form!

3. when mixed, add an egg to dough and mix well.

4. ditto with 2nd egg.

5. fill a wok with oil and heat.

6. on low, spoon paste into the oil.

7. resist the temptation to blast the fire in impatient fury.. and wait for one side to turn gb.

8. flip the sha wengs over and repeat step 7.

9. drain and serve with sabah-style chili, kaya, or coated with icing sugar.

i heart the spicy-sweet sabah-style chili but i'll be unable to make it in melb as i don't own a pestle.. wait! i think my housemate has one! better record the recipe just in case.

sabah-style chili

garlic, chili
padi, soy sauce, thick soy sauce, sugar

1. mash garlic, chili, sugar-- in that order.
2. add the sauces [optional use of thick sauce only].

mum makes this chili at home but the garlic and sugar aren't mashed, merely chopped. yum! sabah is fattening!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


a quick snapshot from the car


even the bomba came

been in datu for almost a week now. raining almost daily. i like the sound. datu is very green. and i'm on a relaxing holiday-- i wake up, breakfast, read novels, accompany my relatives on errands, lunch, use the net, watch friends and i do?, dinner, tutor my uber cute cousin yuan, snooze. i'm offered black coffee every morning but i don't even feel tempted-- my life is so laid-back right now, a caffeine buzz would spoil it.

learned to make kaya this evening. while it's still fresh in my memory--

1 bowl santan [optional: mix with pandan]
3/4 bowl sugar
1 bowl eggs, beaten
2 pandan leaves, knotted

*bowls must be of the same size

1. heat wok

2. on low, melt sugar by spreading it flat out on the wok. try to refrain from stirring until the sugar is almost all dissolved

. when sugar is fully melted, turn off fire

4. pour in santan whilst stirring briskly

5. turn fire on low and toss in the pandan

6. stir til paste is smooth-- no sugar lumps

7. switch off fire, let mixture cool slightly

8. pour the egg through a sieve into the wok whilst stirring excitably so the egg doesn't scramble

9. turn fire on low

10. stir til liquid becomes the consistency of kaya.

the last step took bloody forever but one must be patient and not turn up the fire in a fury, thus causing lumps to form in the kaya and wasting all previous efforts.

it tasted a bit too eggy for my liking but others liked it and i ate pandan leaves for the first time. i was surprised when mei mei brought it up but it's similar to eating sugar cane. just pop the cut-up leaves into your mouth and chew. not yummy but still, a new experience

Thursday, 14 January 2010


sometimes when you do something you'd been fantasizing about for ages, the experience feels surreal. it was in this trance that i returned home last Monday. the flight home was hellish-- why didn't i push for mas when i had the chance?

watched slumdog millionaire on the plane-- it was amazing. i don't think people fall in love with just one person for their entire life anymore, but i still heart-ed the movie. i began crying when the mother died and then it was on and off til the end.

spent over rm100 within 10 minutes of arriving, buying necessities i couldn't fit in my luggage. gosh, really am a shopaholic. happy to see mum, who was predictably shocked by my appearance.

and on the first day of arriving home, i was hauled off for a hike to kick-start my weight loss program. no dinner. i haven't weighed myself, but the niggling hunger had better be me getting skinnier, because it's an irritating feeling.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

girls day out

the plan for yesterday was to do some boring adult stuff like going to the bank.

then i texted my colleague so-hyun on a whim and we ended up going to the city. we had coffee at parliament before visiting ceci, a korean boutique nearby. evil mocha kept me up til 2am. koreans love korean stuff-- they frequent korean-owned enterprises, eat korean cuisine, follow korean trends, keep their eyes peeled for korean dudes / dudettes.

i just can't imagine a malaysian searching high and low for a malaysian boutique, though i get the seeking-same-nationality-guy part. when people ask me, what's the most authentic malaysian restaurant? i draw a blank. it never occurred me to seek malaysian food here.

korean clothes are pretty but gosh the sizes are freaking small! i can't imagine a life where i can just waltz into a shop and buy clothes, knowing they'll fit. when you're little, you think you're gonna stay skinny forever, but life can be a biatch.

bought a set of blue lounge wear after thinking it over for 10 minutes. it looked too cool lah.

then we dined at white tomato, a [guess what?] korean restaurant

so hyun with our side dishes and rice punch

she wanted soju but she admitted it tastes like nail polish and i may not like it. duh.

kimchi dumplings. mm.

we shared 4 dishes, finishing only the dumplings. haiz, such a waste of food. tried mild rice cakes [instead of the usual spicy ones], sizzling pork and calamari and black bean noodles. i can eat meat but after 3 weeks of abstaining, i prefer veg. now if only i can do that to sugar.

cakes from crown cafe-- strawberry gateau & japanese cheesecake

i prefer il greco but of course dessert was just a backdrop for talking.

after buying the cutest lunchbox set from city homewares, we went to korean karaoke. why specify the korean-ness? because only korean karaokes have tambourines. gosh i adore the tambourines! all karaokes should have them!

so hyun has limited exposure to english songs and i can't read korean so we stuck to popular korean dance songs which is peppered with english words. which means i spent the hour dancing, waving my beloved tambourine and singing, ''oh'', ''boom'', ''you go girl'' etc.

geeky but fun :)

Monday, 4 January 2010

everybody else is doing it..

seriously, is everybody having crazy sex? really damn curious to know. i watched wedding crashers yesterday-- sex. watched swingers today-- sex. [vince vaughn the score king in both.] watched an episode of cinderella man-- no sex lah, but what else can you expect from such a gay title? watched friends-- sex.

read self-help-- a bit of sex. is everybody really getting it on? what happened to sex after marriage? aiyo, all the aussie magazines-- sex, sex, sex all the way. i'm starting to wonder if i'm normal. am i too conservative? even younger people are getting some..

;;;;; guys please stop reading here, esp. u kent if you're reading this. if not you'll never love me again muahaha;;;;;

i had a semi-shit new year's day, cramps again. it worsened on the 2nd day so i od-ed on my painkillers again. supposed to take 8 a day, max, but i just quit counting after the 10th. would try anything for the pain to subside so i tried a trick somebody forwarded to me on the net-- not washing my hair during period.

frangipani gave the same suggestion so there must be something there. no smoke without fire and all that. so far it's been good-- i'm still bloody alive though i'm bleeding damn a lot more. [gross, i know, that's why this is for girls only]. but mum says it's good to clean out the lining-- usually i just get killer cramps but super light flow.

try it if you're uber desperate like me-- use dry shampoo or brush baby powder through your hair.

new year resolution: will take epo 3 times a day and not just when i remember to.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

do you ever feel like screaming, ''god, i'm so f*c..''

..king cold!''?

what the f*ck is wrong with f*cking melb weather?! i'm so f*cking freezing i can't sleep well, and the f*cking stupid department stores are not selling heaters as it's supposed to be f*cking summer! i feel suicidal every time i shower. oh, god. and i don't usually swear.


shopped for gifts to bring home today. to hell with people who don't know what they want. if they don't like what i bought, tough luck. i'm wasting parents' money on y'all, should thank my parents.

bought white wines for dad and flushed red after sampling 3 wines. omo i looked terrible as i took the train home. but the snooze brought on by the alcohol was refreshing, considering i keep waking at night, shivering.

also bought assorted confectionery for little cousins-- ok, they're teens now, but everybody loves choc! now all i have to do is lay my itchy paws off the junk for 8 days. i'll be going to sandakan for a 3-day foodie trip after i return and i can't exactly sashay into relatives' house empty-handed! no idea how to enjoy a foodie trip when i'm laying off the meat but guess everything will work out. kinda miss meat although the thought of eating them makes me nervous.

still working on abstaining from milk and egg products but my nails have been breaking a lot more lately, maybe i need more veg? or do we actually need milk?

watching heaps of movies lately, feeling more stupid with each passing flick.