Saturday, 30 January 2010

3d s overrated

yesterday: 1st day out in kl as a fat girl

i forgot my sunnies but hid under my cap. took a couple of steps into high school and saw kf. more importantly, he saw me. if he hadn't, i would've legged it so fast i could break the school record. *sigh* had to paste a grin on my face and say hi. i was happy to see him but i would've been happier if i'd been thinner.

spent the day hiding from everybody except kent, who had already witnessed my fatness in australia. but of course, bumped into sulan at mph. at least she didn't say, ''gosh, you're fat!''

now i'm stuck at home, hiding from all my friends, fighting with my stretch marks. sohfong had promised he'll laugh when he sees the new fat me, so i'm avoiding him. whine whine whine. even my dog doesn't recognize me.


on the bright side, sampled yummy japanese green peas yesterday. and watched avatar in 3d. not much different from 2d version. walau eh i love avatar

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