Sunday, 3 January 2010

do you ever feel like screaming, ''god, i'm so f*c..''

..king cold!''?

what the f*ck is wrong with f*cking melb weather?! i'm so f*cking freezing i can't sleep well, and the f*cking stupid department stores are not selling heaters as it's supposed to be f*cking summer! i feel suicidal every time i shower. oh, god. and i don't usually swear.


shopped for gifts to bring home today. to hell with people who don't know what they want. if they don't like what i bought, tough luck. i'm wasting parents' money on y'all, should thank my parents.

bought white wines for dad and flushed red after sampling 3 wines. omo i looked terrible as i took the train home. but the snooze brought on by the alcohol was refreshing, considering i keep waking at night, shivering.

also bought assorted confectionery for little cousins-- ok, they're teens now, but everybody loves choc! now all i have to do is lay my itchy paws off the junk for 8 days. i'll be going to sandakan for a 3-day foodie trip after i return and i can't exactly sashay into relatives' house empty-handed! no idea how to enjoy a foodie trip when i'm laying off the meat but guess everything will work out. kinda miss meat although the thought of eating them makes me nervous.

still working on abstaining from milk and egg products but my nails have been breaking a lot more lately, maybe i need more veg? or do we actually need milk?

watching heaps of movies lately, feeling more stupid with each passing flick.

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