Monday, 4 January 2010

everybody else is doing it..

seriously, is everybody having crazy sex? really damn curious to know. i watched wedding crashers yesterday-- sex. watched swingers today-- sex. [vince vaughn the score king in both.] watched an episode of cinderella man-- no sex lah, but what else can you expect from such a gay title? watched friends-- sex.

read self-help-- a bit of sex. is everybody really getting it on? what happened to sex after marriage? aiyo, all the aussie magazines-- sex, sex, sex all the way. i'm starting to wonder if i'm normal. am i too conservative? even younger people are getting some..

;;;;; guys please stop reading here, esp. u kent if you're reading this. if not you'll never love me again muahaha;;;;;

i had a semi-shit new year's day, cramps again. it worsened on the 2nd day so i od-ed on my painkillers again. supposed to take 8 a day, max, but i just quit counting after the 10th. would try anything for the pain to subside so i tried a trick somebody forwarded to me on the net-- not washing my hair during period.

frangipani gave the same suggestion so there must be something there. no smoke without fire and all that. so far it's been good-- i'm still bloody alive though i'm bleeding damn a lot more. [gross, i know, that's why this is for girls only]. but mum says it's good to clean out the lining-- usually i just get killer cramps but super light flow.

try it if you're uber desperate like me-- use dry shampoo or brush baby powder through your hair.

new year resolution: will take epo 3 times a day and not just when i remember to.

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