Thursday, 7 January 2010

girls day out

the plan for yesterday was to do some boring adult stuff like going to the bank.

then i texted my colleague so-hyun on a whim and we ended up going to the city. we had coffee at parliament before visiting ceci, a korean boutique nearby. evil mocha kept me up til 2am. koreans love korean stuff-- they frequent korean-owned enterprises, eat korean cuisine, follow korean trends, keep their eyes peeled for korean dudes / dudettes.

i just can't imagine a malaysian searching high and low for a malaysian boutique, though i get the seeking-same-nationality-guy part. when people ask me, what's the most authentic malaysian restaurant? i draw a blank. it never occurred me to seek malaysian food here.

korean clothes are pretty but gosh the sizes are freaking small! i can't imagine a life where i can just waltz into a shop and buy clothes, knowing they'll fit. when you're little, you think you're gonna stay skinny forever, but life can be a biatch.

bought a set of blue lounge wear after thinking it over for 10 minutes. it looked too cool lah.

then we dined at white tomato, a [guess what?] korean restaurant

so hyun with our side dishes and rice punch

she wanted soju but she admitted it tastes like nail polish and i may not like it. duh.

kimchi dumplings. mm.

we shared 4 dishes, finishing only the dumplings. haiz, such a waste of food. tried mild rice cakes [instead of the usual spicy ones], sizzling pork and calamari and black bean noodles. i can eat meat but after 3 weeks of abstaining, i prefer veg. now if only i can do that to sugar.

cakes from crown cafe-- strawberry gateau & japanese cheesecake

i prefer il greco but of course dessert was just a backdrop for talking.

after buying the cutest lunchbox set from city homewares, we went to korean karaoke. why specify the korean-ness? because only korean karaokes have tambourines. gosh i adore the tambourines! all karaokes should have them!

so hyun has limited exposure to english songs and i can't read korean so we stuck to popular korean dance songs which is peppered with english words. which means i spent the hour dancing, waving my beloved tambourine and singing, ''oh'', ''boom'', ''you go girl'' etc.

geeky but fun :)

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