Thursday, 14 January 2010


sometimes when you do something you'd been fantasizing about for ages, the experience feels surreal. it was in this trance that i returned home last Monday. the flight home was hellish-- why didn't i push for mas when i had the chance?

watched slumdog millionaire on the plane-- it was amazing. i don't think people fall in love with just one person for their entire life anymore, but i still heart-ed the movie. i began crying when the mother died and then it was on and off til the end.

spent over rm100 within 10 minutes of arriving, buying necessities i couldn't fit in my luggage. gosh, really am a shopaholic. happy to see mum, who was predictably shocked by my appearance.

and on the first day of arriving home, i was hauled off for a hike to kick-start my weight loss program. no dinner. i haven't weighed myself, but the niggling hunger had better be me getting skinnier, because it's an irritating feeling.

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