Tuesday, 19 January 2010


a quick snapshot from the car


even the bomba came

been in datu for almost a week now. raining almost daily. i like the sound. datu is very green. and i'm on a relaxing holiday-- i wake up, breakfast, read novels, accompany my relatives on errands, lunch, use the net, watch friends and i do?, dinner, tutor my uber cute cousin yuan, snooze. i'm offered black coffee every morning but i don't even feel tempted-- my life is so laid-back right now, a caffeine buzz would spoil it.

learned to make kaya this evening. while it's still fresh in my memory--

1 bowl santan [optional: mix with pandan]
3/4 bowl sugar
1 bowl eggs, beaten
2 pandan leaves, knotted

*bowls must be of the same size

1. heat wok

2. on low, melt sugar by spreading it flat out on the wok. try to refrain from stirring until the sugar is almost all dissolved

. when sugar is fully melted, turn off fire

4. pour in santan whilst stirring briskly

5. turn fire on low and toss in the pandan

6. stir til paste is smooth-- no sugar lumps

7. switch off fire, let mixture cool slightly

8. pour the egg through a sieve into the wok whilst stirring excitably so the egg doesn't scramble

9. turn fire on low

10. stir til liquid becomes the consistency of kaya.

the last step took bloody forever but one must be patient and not turn up the fire in a fury, thus causing lumps to form in the kaya and wasting all previous efforts.

it tasted a bit too eggy for my liking but others liked it and i ate pandan leaves for the first time. i was surprised when mei mei brought it up but it's similar to eating sugar cane. just pop the cut-up leaves into your mouth and chew. not yummy but still, a new experience

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