Sunday, 31 January 2010

single 21-year-old chick-- dilemma

last night, fann suggested going to ss2 murni for supper. parents decided to tag along-- yeah, my old folks are more happening than i am. i was gonna go in my baggy t and roomy pants but mum asked, ''are you going in that?! first impressions are very important, you know. you never know who you might meet!''

so i changed into a tank, a shirt and shorts, put on contacts, moisturized my face, dabbed french perfume and wore earrings.. stepped out of my room and met my horrified parents.

''that's too sexy!''

''but you said..''

''i don't think you'll meet anybody special at the mamak.''

duh. so i changed back into a t and house pants, flounced downstairs and..

''hi, auntie.''

smart-aleck bro. there's no pleasing everybody!

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