Saturday, 23 January 2010

tang sha weng

aunt vela woke me at 7am this morning and told me that we're to breakfast at 2nd ah yi's, which is just 2 houses away from uncle peace's.

ah yi taught me how to make nai sha weng, which is, essentially, fried sweetened dough and a camp staple. before i forget..

200ml milk [substitute water for tang sha weng]
150g low protein [di li] flour
20g sugar
40g butter
2 eggs

1. bring milk to boil. add butter and stir.

2. switch off fire. add flour and stir briskly so lumps don't get the chance to form!

3. when mixed, add an egg to dough and mix well.

4. ditto with 2nd egg.

5. fill a wok with oil and heat.

6. on low, spoon paste into the oil.

7. resist the temptation to blast the fire in impatient fury.. and wait for one side to turn gb.

8. flip the sha wengs over and repeat step 7.

9. drain and serve with sabah-style chili, kaya, or coated with icing sugar.

i heart the spicy-sweet sabah-style chili but i'll be unable to make it in melb as i don't own a pestle.. wait! i think my housemate has one! better record the recipe just in case.

sabah-style chili

garlic, chili
padi, soy sauce, thick soy sauce, sugar

1. mash garlic, chili, sugar-- in that order.
2. add the sauces [optional use of thick sauce only].

mum makes this chili at home but the garlic and sugar aren't mashed, merely chopped. yum! sabah is fattening!

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