Saturday, 20 February 2010

settling down

fever has gone away :) nose is still stuck every night but should improve during these 2 days of hot weather. headaches are lessening in intensity.

now i just feel sleepy. but previous painful experience has taught me that messing up my circadian rhythms is so not worth it so i'm trying to stay awake. might nap at noon, though. working tonight.

if my pr goal is busted, this may be my final year here. keeping fingers crossed that the upcoming pr talks will bring good news.

feel like going to the beach tomorrow to absorb the last bit of summer heat before the pervading chill seeps in. heaters cost a bomb!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

the 2nd melb flood

i started crying the nanosecond fann said, ''just go already!'' at the departure hall and kept at it on and off throughout the torturous 8-hour flight. a flight attendant asked if i was ok. of course not! i didn't even shed a single drop of tear last year, and that was my first time away from home! admittedly i was too exhausted to cry, having to lug around nearly 40kg worth of stuff by myself.

cried while claiming my baggage. cried when i arrived at my melb home. cried when i thought about coco this morning.

wanted to go out and work but had mild fever and awful flu so am stuck indoors with my never-ending tears. cooked porridge but have no appetite. maybe i'll sleep some more. if i cry anymore i'll be so fugly at enrolment tomorrow, nobody will wanna be my friend.

ok, shall play upbeat music and fix my face and do laundry.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ze beautiful princess

guo wei: eh i saw u just now

MiN: omo let u c my fat look!

guo wei: still beautiful. like princess

MiN: die lah u

guo wei: princess fiona. WAKAKAKA..

Thursday, 4 February 2010

super ouch

a fat me with my bloody mary



on tue i went for my medical at tung shin.

and of course, i bumped into some ex-schoolmates there *groan*

i kept my shades on indoors and pointedly ignored them at first but the guy kept whispering loudly to the girl, '' it's min! look, it's min! ''

in the end i had to pretend to see them and say hi, but at least they didn't blurt out, '' you're fat! ''


had lunch/dinner at chili's in klcc

watched the gory universal soldiers with my hands over my eyes

what can i say? singcai and i were the only chinese in the cinema

but the malays were very responsive--

i didn't watch half the movie, but i could guess what was happening by listening

squelch. drip. squelch. squelch. BAM!

followed by a collective oohhh.. eww


after the stupid movie, we went for foot reflexology

i thought it would be relaxing but it hurt like hell!

there were moments when i thought i'd keel over and die

and when the masseuse started on my calves, all i could think of was, i should have waxed!


then tao called, i went home and she called me a fat monkey.

our family is together again