Tuesday, 16 February 2010

the 2nd melb flood

i started crying the nanosecond fann said, ''just go already!'' at the departure hall and kept at it on and off throughout the torturous 8-hour flight. a flight attendant asked if i was ok. of course not! i didn't even shed a single drop of tear last year, and that was my first time away from home! admittedly i was too exhausted to cry, having to lug around nearly 40kg worth of stuff by myself.

cried while claiming my baggage. cried when i arrived at my melb home. cried when i thought about coco this morning.

wanted to go out and work but had mild fever and awful flu so am stuck indoors with my never-ending tears. cooked porridge but have no appetite. maybe i'll sleep some more. if i cry anymore i'll be so fugly at enrolment tomorrow, nobody will wanna be my friend.

ok, shall play upbeat music and fix my face and do laundry.

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