Thursday, 4 February 2010

super ouch

a fat me with my bloody mary



on tue i went for my medical at tung shin.

and of course, i bumped into some ex-schoolmates there *groan*

i kept my shades on indoors and pointedly ignored them at first but the guy kept whispering loudly to the girl, '' it's min! look, it's min! ''

in the end i had to pretend to see them and say hi, but at least they didn't blurt out, '' you're fat! ''


had lunch/dinner at chili's in klcc

watched the gory universal soldiers with my hands over my eyes

what can i say? singcai and i were the only chinese in the cinema

but the malays were very responsive--

i didn't watch half the movie, but i could guess what was happening by listening

squelch. drip. squelch. squelch. BAM!

followed by a collective oohhh.. eww


after the stupid movie, we went for foot reflexology

i thought it would be relaxing but it hurt like hell!

there were moments when i thought i'd keel over and die

and when the masseuse started on my calves, all i could think of was, i should have waxed!


then tao called, i went home and she called me a fat monkey.

our family is together again

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suanie said...

you are not fat :)