Tuesday, 9 March 2010

new keyboard protector

This morning, curled up snugly in Audrey's fantastically warm sleeping bag, the realization that I'll be bidding goodbye to my life now within 24hours hit me [like a bullet train going full speed]. I couldn't sleep anymore and have been sleepwalking and 'taking care of matters' like a robot.

Been so busy running around selling everything but myself for the past few days that I haven't really thought about what's waiting for me once the enjoyable MAS flight ends. I thrive on sudden changes, so the kick this major decision brought was intense, like a drug.

But once the rush wears off, reality awaits-- curfews, feeling frustrated because I don't know who my parents want me to be, people losing interest in me once they realize I'm not Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese/Australian/American/Canadian.

Well, at least I splurged on a farewell gift for myself. That should ease the ache. Plus I can get a new keyboard protector-- this one's a tad sticky and dusty. And attend Jiun's 21st birthday bash.

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