Saturday, 6 March 2010

the other side of the story

Harry couldn't believe his ears when i told him I'll be returning next Wednesday. He said he's gonna blog about his disbelief (duh) and i thought I'd do so, too.

Now that a decision has been made, I feel better. I'd feel even better if I were in Malaysia now. I hate transition periods. I prefer doing to waiting, though I'm selling my stuff now, I can't wait for Monday to come so I can go to do whatever admin sh*t I need to do.

It's scary living with the 'rents after a year of living by my own rules. Ugh is the word to describe it. After a year of dish-washing my way, chucking undies into the machine, staying out late and flying interstate when I'm depressed. Now it's back to nag-nag-nag, curfew, twice-daily reminders to get skinny and a heart attack every time I walk out with my LV.

But life never goes our way. If I had my way, I would have done high school at Methodist, college at Taylors and spent a year in USA as an au pair before starting uni. All we can do is have faith that there is somebody up there looking out for us, and everything happens for a reason.

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