Sunday, 14 March 2010

remember her?

R-Pattz's Remember Me should be in cinemas now. Yet another movie to add to my To-Watch list, after Valentine Day, Nine and the overrated Alice in Wonderland.

Anyway, remember the Neighbor's Daughter who 'inspired' me to work my ass off in 2 jobs last September? Well, guess what? She has a boyfriend now. Duh.

So I had to endure lectures about how skinny chicks find wealthy/smart/nice boyfriends easier and how I should be dieting. I f*cking am dieting! I only get a handful of nuts for dinner. Then it's how the way I walk is a turn-off. My gait is something I'd tried to adjust but I have to admit it's difficult. According to the 'professor', the way I walk reflects my incredibly lazy nature. WTF?! What's that all about?!

Criticize, criticize, criticize. Just leave me alone! How am I supposed to find a boyfriend if I don't go out and socialize? The initial agreement was that I can go out during weekends but every time an event comes up I have to endure their 'face color'. My friends have nightly 2am curfews. The only balm to counter being treated like a child but expecting me to act like an adult is more pocket money. Am researching how much my peers are getting. Will ask for more.

Plus relationships don't just happen because you're hot. It's not my fault I find it difficult to like people on that level. I can't imagine ever bringing anybody home. Either it's ''are you doing it to piss mum off?'' if he's poor or ''gain some weight and he'll be off'' if he fits their criteria. Poor boyfriend, my parents will eat you alive.

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