Wednesday, 17 March 2010

why i hate sports

am supposed to be researching my Malaysian Studies assignment (due next week!) but feel too hungry and grumpy to do anything more productive than watching Friends and blogging (my speak for b*tching).

heh spent this morning begging Mr. Cheong to take me in his Malaysian Studies class then spent the first half of the lecture pondering where and what I should tattoo. I want a lacy kismet on my back.. will it hurt too much?

slept through first half of AIS lecture as well.. what is wrong with me?! the worst part is i didn't even realize i had dozed off until i woke up. hopefully parents will make an appointment with Dr. Khoo soon, must blow them.

jogged leisurely today and played at the new workout station in the neighborhood :) however, exercise makes me ravenous! I can get by on little food but once I exercise I just feel bloody starved! still, am marching steadily towards mum's ideal weight for me so I can indulge when/if we go to HK in April.

All the packing and moving I'd done has somewhat curbed my shopaholic streak. I used to buy clothes all the time but now the thought of having to take them with me should I go anywhere is a strong enough deterrent to leave them on the racks.


had lunch with Tai last Sunday :) had Chinese street food at Lot 10, followed by a spot of shopping for boring guy tech stuff at Low Yat. Then we jammed all the way to Bangsar for Banoffee pie *licks lips*

mum adores it when we hang out with our intellectual cousins. plus Tai treated us to the cakes, which will make mum love him even more ;p it's so easy to buy mum's heart sometimes.

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