Friday, 2 April 2010


since when was being single at 21 a modern sin? fml!!

kena f by mum 24/7 since my return just because i don't have a boyfriend. fml!!

i lashed back by lopping off my long hair into a bob. i wanted to shave my head but even fann said that's too extreme. i know mum has always wanted me to have long hair because 70% of males prefer long-haired chicks from some odd rapunzel complex.

so now everything i do is so i can find a good boyfriend. wtf?! fml!!

i have to do well in uni because guys like smart chicks. i have to get skinny because guys prefer thin girls. i have to 'potray myself as being very able to look after people because guys like to be looked after instead of the other way around'. blah blah blah


it feels great to have short hair now (even if i'm a long hair type of girl) though i'm paying the mental price for it now-- this morning:

mum: i told u not to cut your hair. your hair is one of the rare parts of u which looks ok.

me: it was damaged beyond repair. it hurts to brush it.

mum: do u look prettier with short hair? if you're so pretty, why is nobody chasing you?


last time when people bought me flowers:

mum & dad: yer, these boys simply waste money, not boyfriend material.

mum: why they chase u? what do they see in u?

wtf?! fml. i m so effing mad!!

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