Wednesday, 7 April 2010

lunch with dad

yesterday dad suggested taking fann and i out to lunch.

since my family doesn't eat at home, eating out wasn't a biggie, but it's rare to dine sans mum.

dad is really similar to mum in the sense that he kept asking us, ''where do y'all wanna eat?''

''whatever,'' fann and i chanted (over and over again).

''c'mon, you can have whatever you want,'' dad tried again. haha i would be so excited if i were still in primary school.

''er.. sushi?'' i played along.

''now why would you want to eat sushi?'' dad went. zomg for a second there it's like mum's soul is hidden in his body.

''i said whatever, dad.''

in the end we settled for chinese food.

the car ride to the restaurant-- it's not really a restaurant, more like a shack-- was uber quiet. usually mum would be f-ing somebody on the car and the rest of us would be praying for her to stfu, but the silence was a bit unnerving.

during the wait for the meal, dad went, ''ok, so talk to me about something.. like what's the coolest thing on the net right now?''

hmm.. we managed to get a convo going, where i did most of the talking. fann morphs into a mute zombie in front of our parents. when we're alone i can't get him to zip it. dad is also critical, just not as critical as mum. i guess mum talks faster, so dad never gets around to f-ing us.

anyhow dad, being a funny geek and all, has taken to calling fann ''so''. i was like, wth?? when i first heard it. but here's his explanation:

oh, you call fann ''bro'', short for ''brother'', so i call him ''so'', short for ''son''

*pengsan* now you all know where i get my sense of humor from

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LiShian♥ said...

how i never know you got blogspot uh?!
by the way, your parents are really funny ;)