Thursday, 29 April 2010

mothers' day & gifts

''oh my god! mo-om!!'' i'd shrieked at 9.40am this morning.

''oh my god, you know! i asked sokchea not to tell you!'' mum in a rare moment of being flustered.

what could it be, one may wonder?

the answer *drumrolls, please*-- 15 tins of julie's assorted biscuits!!

she'd sneakily bought them a couple of nights ago and hidden them in some hardly-touched cupboards. then she ordered our family maid not to breathe a word of the biscuits' existence to us, but she let slip something this morning.

i'd left the breakfast table immediately, marched to The Cupboard and flung it open. then i'd screamed.

i'm not going to nag her about her compulsive food shopping habits, that's her mothers' day gift.

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Denise said...

hahaha, mum can't help buying things ahh