Sunday, 18 April 2010


addicted to friends, and as much as i heart rachel's silky straight hair in season 3, my fave character is phoebe. her kookiness reminds me of myself as a kid.

my mum had a lousy temper, and i'd get battered up over the teeniest incidents, like late returns to the libraries-- even when there was no penalty charges. i'm always getting saved by random people like my piano teacher and a sweet prefect who rescued me after my mum slapped me so hard in the school toilet my tooth fell out, way back in primary 1. (i'm really grateful to the prefect, hope she's doing ok in life.)

anyway i'd go to school with bruises and welts all over, and once i had a spectacular design on my thighs, dots of black and blue all over. i'd just finished a disney story, and i'd proudly lifted my skirt and announced to my friends, ''look! i'm a dalmation!''

now i know that's child abuse, but it's too late to sue, and i think everybody got beat up then. but seriously, dalmatians?! i amaze myself sometimes.


Denise said...

haha, dalmation! Let's hope we won't do the same thing in future

BC said...

Omg...poor you...and you lifted your skirt? Then didn't people see your vajayjay? hahaha

MiN said...

bc: i wear shorts under skirts always, dude. so too bad, bois