Monday, 5 April 2010

under my skin

this is another one of my is-this-normal? post..

talked to my friend on the phone for an hour on thu night-- more like complaining. whined about my family, blah blah blah. felt kinda relieved after the purge but as always, felt a (hopefully) irrational fear that i'd somehow sold my soul to the devil or something.

is it a mum thing (i have an effing serious mother complex) or an asian culture thing? we don't air our dirty laundry in public. we try not to talk about anything of importance. i try to keep my big mouth shut but sometimes i can't help spilling.

every time i talk to a friend about my troubles, like all the magazines always advised, i feel as if i'd given her a bit of my soul, making him/her stronger and me weaker. it's a scary feeling. hehe typing this makes it appear as though i'm over-analyzing stuff, which i probably am.

sometimes when i hear people say how they went to so-and-so when they were in tears, i feel shocked. but it's a blessing to find somebody you can go to when you're crying, whether from rage or profound sadness. hopefully i've found a friend like that.. only time will tell :)

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