Friday, 7 May 2010

calm magic


had despicable financial management test today. don't wanna think about it. sprouted a zit on my cheek from the prep.

[actually it's my fault for procrastinating and chasing autumn concerto last weekend instead of revising. 3 whole days of sitting on my ass, alternating between autumn and friends and eating pizza 2 days in a row. still paying the price now with guilt and blubber on my cheeks.]

after the test i went to the library and who should i bump into at the stairs but kevin. i got to know kevin from a camping trip a month ago. he's very zen and artistic.. and he was strumming his ukulele. he appeared so serene that i couldn't resist stopping by, plonking my lv onto the floor [the second time since i got it] and sitting down beside him to hear him play.

it was very soothing just stoning there, and kevin always speaks quietly and slowly. he offered to teach me ukulele, and when he took out a battered diary with a wooden pencil tucked inside from his pocket, i was very amused. who still uses an actual pencil nowadays? and a knife-sharpened one to boot.

conclusion: it was a very relaxing 15 minutes

Saturday, 1 May 2010

a rare share

i am a Sartorialist reader and the above photo stole my heart when i first spotted it a few days ago.

don't you just adore the girl on the right? cheeky smile, strong Audrey Hepburn brows and skinny enough to wear ankle boots with shorts. i heart girls who look like this.


cultural night last night. photos all shot by ming and yet to be uploaded.

i was fairly bored half the night, i don't know why. maybe i was just yearning to return home and watch friends-- i had a nightmare in which i was Rachel at Ross' wedding to Emily. it was the worst feeling on earth.


despite wanting to conk out on my bed after the event, i accompanied fann to Opera. it was exxy, we didn't have a table and i was like a freakin' mother hen-- at 21, i was the oldest in the group of 9.

i promised Kent i wouldn't get drunk, so there was no sweet escape from the fact that there is no dance floor in Opera! so i was stuck at the bar, watching [with unnerving clarity] a fugly dude groping a medium-hot chick in front of me.

'how can a guy like that get a girl like that?' i'd complained to aj.

the answer: girls only have eyes for money nowadays.

had a semi-rewarding talk with aj which reminded me that the rules are not the rules for nothing. aj has grown a lot since our high school days, when he was sweet and cute. now he's a bit more jaded, but i guess that comes with age.

fann's girlfriends were both pretty young things, barefaced and wearing flats. so adorable!

'enjoy it while you can,' i told fann. in a year's time they'll be wearing thick black eyeliner, falsies, lip gloss, dyed their hair, lost the little cover-up jacket and be tottering around in 3'' heels.

we're all growing up too fast.