Saturday, 1 May 2010

a rare share

i am a Sartorialist reader and the above photo stole my heart when i first spotted it a few days ago.

don't you just adore the girl on the right? cheeky smile, strong Audrey Hepburn brows and skinny enough to wear ankle boots with shorts. i heart girls who look like this.


cultural night last night. photos all shot by ming and yet to be uploaded.

i was fairly bored half the night, i don't know why. maybe i was just yearning to return home and watch friends-- i had a nightmare in which i was Rachel at Ross' wedding to Emily. it was the worst feeling on earth.


despite wanting to conk out on my bed after the event, i accompanied fann to Opera. it was exxy, we didn't have a table and i was like a freakin' mother hen-- at 21, i was the oldest in the group of 9.

i promised Kent i wouldn't get drunk, so there was no sweet escape from the fact that there is no dance floor in Opera! so i was stuck at the bar, watching [with unnerving clarity] a fugly dude groping a medium-hot chick in front of me.

'how can a guy like that get a girl like that?' i'd complained to aj.

the answer: girls only have eyes for money nowadays.

had a semi-rewarding talk with aj which reminded me that the rules are not the rules for nothing. aj has grown a lot since our high school days, when he was sweet and cute. now he's a bit more jaded, but i guess that comes with age.

fann's girlfriends were both pretty young things, barefaced and wearing flats. so adorable!

'enjoy it while you can,' i told fann. in a year's time they'll be wearing thick black eyeliner, falsies, lip gloss, dyed their hair, lost the little cover-up jacket and be tottering around in 3'' heels.

we're all growing up too fast.

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