Monday, 21 June 2010


last saturday fann, tai, lyanna & i piled into mum's camry and balik kampung-ed for grandpa's birthday. we drove through mc for lunch on the way [my 2nd time ever!] :)

ah gong seemed happy to see us. but he'd aged a bit more since i last saw him. in accordance with tradition, he woke us at 7am to bring us for lontong breakfast. fann was pretty stoned but sri gading's magic lontong & roti had him in high spirits soon enough. he stumbled when he was trying to give our orders to the malay auntie at the lontong stall.

we reminisced a lot. fann used to be an 'ickle tot who would anticipate balik kampung as ah gong would bring him for a close-cropped haircut. now he's tall and big and fretting about his weight and muscles [or lack thereof] and keeps his hair longish like the koreans. 感叹!!

was good to see everybody :)

Friday, 18 June 2010

operation love

my first japanese romance soap, and i keep tearing up. they're good!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


i just finished kurosagi, a tv adaptation of the japanese manga, and gosh it was good! a bit fake at times but the themes of good vs. evil was thought-provoking.

been watching only japanese soaps lately. they have very few romance soaps, it plays only a supporting role, which is quite refreshing.

and japanese actors look quite distinct from each other, unlike koreans who all seem to have undergone the same face A makeover at the same plastic surgeon's.

i love yamapi [who plays the lead in kurosagi, above] who is so, so, so freakin' handsome i wonder how his mum managed it. if i were that good-looking i'd spend all my free time admiring myself in the mirror, much like that greek character [forgot the name!]

*sigh* back to ob~

Saturday, 12 June 2010


it's been cool these 2 days, very comfy weather. and now there's a just-nice rain falling softly outside-- not a raucous storm or a fine drizzle, but a perfect medium steady rainfall.

just felt like taking a break from revision to write about something nice, since the weather has me feeling very zen. so.. what good things happened to me lately?

well, the only thing occupying my mind this moment is my mc stint later for a scouts reunion party this evening. i haven't even printed my script! or practiced with my co-mcs. argh pray that the event will go well. i really wish i hadn't agreed to it.

saw some gorgeous togs at robinsons a few days ago, very exxy though! mum kept complaining that the clothes were too revealing, which is not true. she says my mother-in-law will hate me if i ever wear anything like that. well, mother-in-law, i hate u too!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

sakae sushi FAIL!

just now eunice and i had dinner/supper at sakae sushi. FAIL!

i'd been fantasizing about eating japanese cuisine since i started watching lunch queen--

walau eh if u have no cravings for omurice or curry don after u watch it, you're inhuman! walau eh the way the steam rises from the piping hot dish.. the shiny silver spoon scooping up the just-right balance of rice and rich gravy.. argh!

food always looks so yummy on-screen! everything is better on tv-- the exciting love affairs, the gorgeously toned people with sharp noses, how people can park anywhere without ever getting fined.. i wish i lived in a box!

the curry katsu-don i ordered arrived cold, eunice's beef in her mushroom, beef & onion don was too tough, the salmon sushi was a weird spicy paste-- they minced the salmon or something, the chawanmushi was all scrambled-- eww! a big fat FAIL!

Monday, 7 June 2010


为什么你能  同时那么残酷又温柔?
当你微笑告诉我  这是好结果
一时之间  我不知道应该说些什么
笑过哭过  没想过  最后要寂寞

多少风雨之中  一起走过
为何现在  你突然放手?

错  错  错  错  错  错错错
你的心改变  从什么时候?
错  错  错  错  错  错错错
我不接受  这样的  全剧终

如果说最后  宜静不是嫁给了大雄
一生相信的执着  一秒就崩落
我该同意吗?  你说拥有不如精采过
还说今后我们是  最好的朋友

为何我的脸上  还有笑容?
最深的痛  也只能沉默

这是开玩笑吧?  你在幽默
快告诉我  全部都搞错



super on-repeat at the moment

ashin is a bloody genius!

Sunday, 6 June 2010


time: 10.13am

starting to fight with mum. but it's ok, cz i have my memories of mayday to keep me happy!

yep, i attended the mayday concert last night at stadium putra and it was amazing. maybe as i have only attended 2 other concerts in my life--


he's an uncle-level singer and i went with my parents. you get the picture.

and last saturday, my 2nd concert--

khalil is a hawaiian-born, hk-bred, mandarin-singing soul artiste. he's super talented and sings gorgeously. but he has 0 interaction with his audience. he mumbled a bit in cantonese, which he can barely speak. and he cracked a single joke but i think only 5 people got it.

however, as he's more low-profile than mayday, my friends and i managed to see him up close after some stalking at resort hotel in genting. he's uber skinny with flawless paper-white skin. i dunno why but i get immense satisfaction from seeing celebrities up close. my crazy friend even ducked under his security to give him a letter we composed whilst waiting in the lobby.


mayday, however, are smooth talkers. i gleaned that much from reading their interview in mint. especially frontman ashin

all he has to do is giggle, 'hohoho' and i swear, the entire stadium laughed with him. and i thought, wow, it must be nice to be a star-- laugh and the whole world laughs with you. it's like a concentrated capacity of making people happy.

lun says i only like mayday as they're hot, which isn't true. they're not that cute by taiwanese standards. i told him he'll never catch me at a fahrenheit concert.

i love ashin's lyrics, even if he doesn't sing live as well as he records. i love the themed concert. i love how they said who are you? you are what you do. 由自己决定自己的 dna~

mayday ばんせい! 

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

the money making machine

last thursday i bumped into parents as i was leaving for melaka. they were standing at the foot of the stairs, grinning like a couple of love-stoned teens.

dad handed some money to mum and announced, not without a lot of pride, '' i'm a money making machine.''

mum practically giggled. their eyes were so creased, they were practically cartoon slits.

'' who's a money making machine?'' i couldn't help but smile back at them. [i swore never to talk to mum again after our last argument.]

'' me!'' dad looked so pleased with himself that i couldn't help hugging him and air kissing his cheek. i think he was surprised. i wish they could be happy like that all the time :)