Sunday, 6 June 2010


time: 10.13am

starting to fight with mum. but it's ok, cz i have my memories of mayday to keep me happy!

yep, i attended the mayday concert last night at stadium putra and it was amazing. maybe as i have only attended 2 other concerts in my life--


he's an uncle-level singer and i went with my parents. you get the picture.

and last saturday, my 2nd concert--

khalil is a hawaiian-born, hk-bred, mandarin-singing soul artiste. he's super talented and sings gorgeously. but he has 0 interaction with his audience. he mumbled a bit in cantonese, which he can barely speak. and he cracked a single joke but i think only 5 people got it.

however, as he's more low-profile than mayday, my friends and i managed to see him up close after some stalking at resort hotel in genting. he's uber skinny with flawless paper-white skin. i dunno why but i get immense satisfaction from seeing celebrities up close. my crazy friend even ducked under his security to give him a letter we composed whilst waiting in the lobby.


mayday, however, are smooth talkers. i gleaned that much from reading their interview in mint. especially frontman ashin

all he has to do is giggle, 'hohoho' and i swear, the entire stadium laughed with him. and i thought, wow, it must be nice to be a star-- laugh and the whole world laughs with you. it's like a concentrated capacity of making people happy.

lun says i only like mayday as they're hot, which isn't true. they're not that cute by taiwanese standards. i told him he'll never catch me at a fahrenheit concert.

i love ashin's lyrics, even if he doesn't sing live as well as he records. i love the themed concert. i love how they said who are you? you are what you do. 由自己决定自己的 dna~

mayday ばんせい! 

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Denise said...

oh my god, i'd never been to a Real Concert before, but the concerts that consist of various artist who wants to promote their new albums and ticket price is only at NT2 or 3 hundred each. I'm jealous. promise u'll bring me along when i'm back to Malaysia