Saturday, 12 June 2010


it's been cool these 2 days, very comfy weather. and now there's a just-nice rain falling softly outside-- not a raucous storm or a fine drizzle, but a perfect medium steady rainfall.

just felt like taking a break from revision to write about something nice, since the weather has me feeling very zen. so.. what good things happened to me lately?

well, the only thing occupying my mind this moment is my mc stint later for a scouts reunion party this evening. i haven't even printed my script! or practiced with my co-mcs. argh pray that the event will go well. i really wish i hadn't agreed to it.

saw some gorgeous togs at robinsons a few days ago, very exxy though! mum kept complaining that the clothes were too revealing, which is not true. she says my mother-in-law will hate me if i ever wear anything like that. well, mother-in-law, i hate u too!

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Denise said...

mother in law, i hate u too!
Nice one sis!