Wednesday, 9 June 2010

sakae sushi FAIL!

just now eunice and i had dinner/supper at sakae sushi. FAIL!

i'd been fantasizing about eating japanese cuisine since i started watching lunch queen--

walau eh if u have no cravings for omurice or curry don after u watch it, you're inhuman! walau eh the way the steam rises from the piping hot dish.. the shiny silver spoon scooping up the just-right balance of rice and rich gravy.. argh!

food always looks so yummy on-screen! everything is better on tv-- the exciting love affairs, the gorgeously toned people with sharp noses, how people can park anywhere without ever getting fined.. i wish i lived in a box!

the curry katsu-don i ordered arrived cold, eunice's beef in her mushroom, beef & onion don was too tough, the salmon sushi was a weird spicy paste-- they minced the salmon or something, the chawanmushi was all scrambled-- eww! a big fat FAIL!

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