Monday, 21 June 2010


last saturday fann, tai, lyanna & i piled into mum's camry and balik kampung-ed for grandpa's birthday. we drove through mc for lunch on the way [my 2nd time ever!] :)

ah gong seemed happy to see us. but he'd aged a bit more since i last saw him. in accordance with tradition, he woke us at 7am to bring us for lontong breakfast. fann was pretty stoned but sri gading's magic lontong & roti had him in high spirits soon enough. he stumbled when he was trying to give our orders to the malay auntie at the lontong stall.

we reminisced a lot. fann used to be an 'ickle tot who would anticipate balik kampung as ah gong would bring him for a close-cropped haircut. now he's tall and big and fretting about his weight and muscles [or lack thereof] and keeps his hair longish like the koreans. 感叹!!

was good to see everybody :)


Denise said...

did "ah gong" ask him to cut his hair short??

serene555 said...

Wah, jealous... wish i could taste some of that lontong myself!

MiN said...

denise: nope haha

serene: when r u visiting?! haven't seen u during cny in years! i think the last time u spent cny in sri gading was when u were still in high school