Wednesday, 21 July 2010

it is a big world out there

flew in from peking yesterday. i feel different from the girl who went. traveling is never overrated. my bestie in peking is not brand-obsessed. and the friends she introduced to me are bright kids on ntu scholarships. they have budgets and watch their spending. they prefer holidaying to buying luxury goods.

i used to find lv ugly and overpriced, until my peers began using them. somewhere along the way, chanel and hermes became my dreams. my original daydreams of backpacking through europe were shortened to visions of shopping in chanel paris.

seeing a bit more of the world, hanging out with people with goals.. it has been an amazing month, even if i am no closer to discovering what i want to do in life. i love listening to xian & co. talk. they are passionate about what they are studying. i can't imagine sue suddenly gushing about accounting theories to me over lunch. having goals is a beautiful thing

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Penny152 said...

You will find your place under the sun. I'm glad you have your head screwed in the right place.