Friday, 27 August 2010

public holiday

not that it feels like one. woke at 7.45am. yum cha with mum, bro and his buddies for lunch. then off to office to teach kit basic bookkeeping.

now i should be reading my international business strategy notes to prepare for presentation next wed, but i seriously have zilch idea what the journal s yakking on about :( so i just want to indulge in a friends marathon!

bought new black hair-band with glittery flower from diva yesterday. very into hair accessories recently. it's so cute! i feel like going clubbing just so i can wear it! i'd wanted one since i saw a korean girl wearing it in au last year and i finally got one! yippee!

for people who plant, starbucks gives free coffee grounds, neatly packaged. go grab a bag!

Thursday, 26 August 2010


today during HRM lecture i was buzzing from my mo'mocha frappe.. all that caffeine shooting around my bloodstream while i listened to 2 presentations by my classmates dissing Foxconn was just too much!! seriously i wanted to rock up to the podium and scream, 'r y'all freakin' idiots?!'!!

  1. Foxconn s criticized for shuttling employees around like sardines on the company's free shuttle bus service. duh. that isn't Foxconn's fault! they're lucky to enjoy free transport! i was crammed the same way on paid transport when i was in china!
  2. verbal abuse?! hel-lo?!?! the first day i arrived in china, i was a bit slow in boarding the train as i was struggling with my luggage. the volunteer security on hand to help shove people into trains just screamed at me, 'you IDIOT!!' and i'm a tourist! don't just blame Foxconn lah! blame chinese culture!
  3. underpaid employees? u can't compare their pay with ours! living expenses there r dirt cheap! quit converting everything into usd! it's not like they're living in the usa! plus what Foxconn pays s the market rate in china!
  4. the 13 employees who r now drifting around stuffing their faces with the paper food bought with the insurance money paid to their families? when i was in china, none of the mainlanders i spoke to sympathized with them. to them, it was obvious that they were doing it for the insurance money. and i believe their perspective as they grew up in the same environment.
  5. OT? quit whining about OT! that's not a good enough reason to commit suicide! everybody in China OTs, from the roadside stall vendor to office workers. killing yourself is your own choice, don't just shove the responsibility towards an MNC just because.
now Foxconn has tripled their salaries, and of course those who don't know better are feeling justified in buying iPhones again. *sigh* Foxconn's raise will affect their competitors in China, who may need to adjust their wages accordingly to attract employees. soon, the costs will drip down to us consumers. as my mum loves to say, 'sheep fur grows on sheep'!

or, so-called 'ethical' people will boycott iPhones [highly unlikely, actually] due to the affiliation with Foxconn and Apple might bring their business elsewhere.

personally i feel that Foxconn did nothing wrong. cheap HR s what gives China its competitive advantage. everybody else s doing the same thing, maybe Foxconn offered better insurance coverage. people, don't believe everything u hear, even this! we can't go around judging everybody else when our culture s so different!

Sunday, 22 August 2010

there's always money for education

last saturday i finally got a life :) even if i did wake at 6am to start on my 2700 assignment.

watched love in disguise with sf & mc at leisure. love is leehom's first attempt at directing, and it was well-received by the masses, but i preferred jay's debut lah. it just felt like a shortened drama to me. predictable plot, though the traditional chinese music was lovely. and leehom is cute!

we were joined by nelson for a tea break at boston cafe. i had hot yam milk [too thin] and a creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread. the soup and bread only cost rm5!!

then yunn joined us to watch adventure of the king: the dragon & phoenix inn. i recommended it as

  1. i'm a hopeless fan of Big S
  2. dragon is dominating the box office in china
  3. the chinese papers describe it as being charming and funny
Big S didn't appear for the first 45 minutes of dragon! all a bit ridiculous and slapstick, but i love Big S too much to care. to its credit, it has its amusing moments on the reflection of human nature.

haha. see the poster and u know what you're in for. surprising movie for Big S to star in. huge difference from the last flick i saw her in, connected, which is a must-see for everybody! 

Leo Ku and Liu Ye are both talented actors. 

after dragon, we enjoyed steamboat dinner/supper at connaught to celebrate yunn's convo. she said it was tedious and hot. i dislike convos. they strike me as being super boring and a waste of good money! if i can get away with it i'll skip mine [and save parents rm600+ in the process! total robbery!]

i have this bad habit of balancing my butt on the edge of my chair when i sit, and i was taught a good lesson when i fell right off my chair during dinner last night. i was leaning too far forward to scoop veg out of the tomyam soup.. and the next thing i knew, i shrieked and was sitting on the greasy floor. gross.

dad called twice within 3 hours to ensure i was still alive. duh. i thanked him for his concern and my friends were like, 'that's not normal. nobody thanks their fathers like that.' well i did feel grateful! 

Friday, 20 August 2010




我有小担心,但觉得应该还行。只要放弃每天十多块的咖啡、十几块的三明治、减少每次两百元的 waxing session、少买衣服、化妆品 。。反正别像我妈,我其实可以省好多钱。





Thursday, 19 August 2010

before i go nuts

walau eh must get these sh*t off my chest before i implode or explode or whatever getting incoherent

1. sue han s so skinny! everybody s shrinking, why am i the only one with my post-au weight still clinging to me?!

2. fought with fann. i hate fighting with people and it was pretty full-blown for all of the 5seconds where he was screaming 'sohai!' at me while i drove away. ok the full story from my perspective s i told him when i'm leaving for uni as he wanted to tumpang my car. then he totally disregarded my intention to leave early and indulged in computer games while he was supposed to be getting ready!! so i left even though i could have waited for him. seriously, he has no respect for other people's time.

some more sue han said i should have waited! wtf i have nothing better to do with my time than to hang around waiting for people?!!!!!!!!!!

3. should i buy the body shop lotion? it's on promo and it smells so good! but then i already have lotion~

there. better. now i can do my assignment in semi peace

Monday, 16 August 2010

upside down

yesterday was dad's 56th. he told us in advance that he'll be spending it with his friends. oh-kay~ [it just feels so odd! lately i've been the one staying home while mum calls out, '' min, we're going out!'' twice in just one evening! i feel like the parent!]

anyway fann and i left dad at that, merely greeting him 'happy birthday' in the morning.

at 10pm, after dad returned from his day out, he suffered from a sudden bout of short term memory loss and came to our rooms asking us why we didn't wish him a happy birthday. ish.

i figured he wanted a cake as everybody got one this year, so fann and i drove down to leisure mall to try our luck. of course, all the shops were closing and i was tearing around like a lunatic, begging secret recipe to sell me a cake!

in the end the baskin robbins cashier took pity on me and found me a small strawberry ice-cream cake. i returned home happily, but dad was even happier. he's actually onto round 3 with a different set of buddies at home! walau eh he even asked me if i'm friendless, since i hardly go out.

*sigh* despicable accounting theory s keeping me at home!

Friday, 13 August 2010

ordinary day

today i drove all the way to sunway for one single measly tutorial! ooh the ish-ness of it!

when i returned, i dropped by the bank to apply for online banking. the lady at the counter in charge of distributing PINs was extremely hesitant to give me my PIN as she claimed i looked nothing like my id photo. which s true lah, that was taken almost 10 years ago!

during an early dinner of durians [fann kindly educated me that they were 100kcal apiece], mum gossiped about.. interesting stuff. she always needs to offload when she s unhappy.

anyway i think it s imperative that my future husband knows how to open durians! i'm quite sexist in the way i refuse to learn how to open durians. i grew up watching grandpa, then dad, then fann opening them-- it just feels like a man's job!

speaking of men.. oddly excited about serene's son! the last drama i watched, summer's desire, ended with happy pregnancy, so i'm really into family right now!

summer is more like an extended movie than drama. it's adapted from the very.. robust novel, and it's not the usual brainless, lighthearted fare. like!