Thursday, 19 August 2010

before i go nuts

walau eh must get these sh*t off my chest before i implode or explode or whatever getting incoherent

1. sue han s so skinny! everybody s shrinking, why am i the only one with my post-au weight still clinging to me?!

2. fought with fann. i hate fighting with people and it was pretty full-blown for all of the 5seconds where he was screaming 'sohai!' at me while i drove away. ok the full story from my perspective s i told him when i'm leaving for uni as he wanted to tumpang my car. then he totally disregarded my intention to leave early and indulged in computer games while he was supposed to be getting ready!! so i left even though i could have waited for him. seriously, he has no respect for other people's time.

some more sue han said i should have waited! wtf i have nothing better to do with my time than to hang around waiting for people?!!!!!!!!!!

3. should i buy the body shop lotion? it's on promo and it smells so good! but then i already have lotion~

there. better. now i can do my assignment in semi peace

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