Friday, 13 August 2010

ordinary day

today i drove all the way to sunway for one single measly tutorial! ooh the ish-ness of it!

when i returned, i dropped by the bank to apply for online banking. the lady at the counter in charge of distributing PINs was extremely hesitant to give me my PIN as she claimed i looked nothing like my id photo. which s true lah, that was taken almost 10 years ago!

during an early dinner of durians [fann kindly educated me that they were 100kcal apiece], mum gossiped about.. interesting stuff. she always needs to offload when she s unhappy.

anyway i think it s imperative that my future husband knows how to open durians! i'm quite sexist in the way i refuse to learn how to open durians. i grew up watching grandpa, then dad, then fann opening them-- it just feels like a man's job!

speaking of men.. oddly excited about serene's son! the last drama i watched, summer's desire, ended with happy pregnancy, so i'm really into family right now!

summer is more like an extended movie than drama. it's adapted from the very.. robust novel, and it's not the usual brainless, lighthearted fare. like!

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