Friday, 27 August 2010

public holiday

not that it feels like one. woke at 7.45am. yum cha with mum, bro and his buddies for lunch. then off to office to teach kit basic bookkeeping.

now i should be reading my international business strategy notes to prepare for presentation next wed, but i seriously have zilch idea what the journal s yakking on about :( so i just want to indulge in a friends marathon!

bought new black hair-band with glittery flower from diva yesterday. very into hair accessories recently. it's so cute! i feel like going clubbing just so i can wear it! i'd wanted one since i saw a korean girl wearing it in au last year and i finally got one! yippee!

for people who plant, starbucks gives free coffee grounds, neatly packaged. go grab a bag!

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