Sunday, 22 August 2010

there's always money for education

last saturday i finally got a life :) even if i did wake at 6am to start on my 2700 assignment.

watched love in disguise with sf & mc at leisure. love is leehom's first attempt at directing, and it was well-received by the masses, but i preferred jay's debut lah. it just felt like a shortened drama to me. predictable plot, though the traditional chinese music was lovely. and leehom is cute!

we were joined by nelson for a tea break at boston cafe. i had hot yam milk [too thin] and a creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread. the soup and bread only cost rm5!!

then yunn joined us to watch adventure of the king: the dragon & phoenix inn. i recommended it as

  1. i'm a hopeless fan of Big S
  2. dragon is dominating the box office in china
  3. the chinese papers describe it as being charming and funny
Big S didn't appear for the first 45 minutes of dragon! all a bit ridiculous and slapstick, but i love Big S too much to care. to its credit, it has its amusing moments on the reflection of human nature.

haha. see the poster and u know what you're in for. surprising movie for Big S to star in. huge difference from the last flick i saw her in, connected, which is a must-see for everybody! 

Leo Ku and Liu Ye are both talented actors. 

after dragon, we enjoyed steamboat dinner/supper at connaught to celebrate yunn's convo. she said it was tedious and hot. i dislike convos. they strike me as being super boring and a waste of good money! if i can get away with it i'll skip mine [and save parents rm600+ in the process! total robbery!]

i have this bad habit of balancing my butt on the edge of my chair when i sit, and i was taught a good lesson when i fell right off my chair during dinner last night. i was leaning too far forward to scoop veg out of the tomyam soup.. and the next thing i knew, i shrieked and was sitting on the greasy floor. gross.

dad called twice within 3 hours to ensure i was still alive. duh. i thanked him for his concern and my friends were like, 'that's not normal. nobody thanks their fathers like that.' well i did feel grateful! 

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