Monday, 16 August 2010

upside down

yesterday was dad's 56th. he told us in advance that he'll be spending it with his friends. oh-kay~ [it just feels so odd! lately i've been the one staying home while mum calls out, '' min, we're going out!'' twice in just one evening! i feel like the parent!]

anyway fann and i left dad at that, merely greeting him 'happy birthday' in the morning.

at 10pm, after dad returned from his day out, he suffered from a sudden bout of short term memory loss and came to our rooms asking us why we didn't wish him a happy birthday. ish.

i figured he wanted a cake as everybody got one this year, so fann and i drove down to leisure mall to try our luck. of course, all the shops were closing and i was tearing around like a lunatic, begging secret recipe to sell me a cake!

in the end the baskin robbins cashier took pity on me and found me a small strawberry ice-cream cake. i returned home happily, but dad was even happier. he's actually onto round 3 with a different set of buddies at home! walau eh he even asked me if i'm friendless, since i hardly go out.

*sigh* despicable accounting theory s keeping me at home!

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