Tuesday, 14 September 2010

the boyfriend checklist

you know sometimes boy meets girl, boy texts/calls/facebooks girl, boy dates girl, boy is funny and girl is so busy laughing she forgets her LIST! then bad things happen. this is my just-in-case list.

  1. must be able to speak mandarin! preferably first language! best is fluent in english too so i can switch around during conversations.
  2. must know how to open durians.
  3. must be non smoker.
  4. must not be stingy!!
  5. must have car.
  6. must be able to stay calm when he sees my four-poster bed and not let me know he's fantasizing.
  7. preferably taller than my brother. not asking for a lot, he's only 179cm!! it's not like he has to be cuter, just taller!
  8. it helps if he's more handsome or richer than my father.. but i think i'm pushing my luck here.
  9. must have better sense of direction than me!
  10. must win my parents' hearts. 
m sick :(

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