Saturday, 4 September 2010

i hate being a girl

worst cramps of my LIFE this morning. was crying throughout until the drugs i OD-ed on kicked in and i fell asleep. overheard mum saying marriage eases the pain. = virginity is the cause of all this crazy, intense, indescribable pain.

no one ever told me that! 'just smile and take deep breaths'?! does mum think we're cartoon characters or what shit?! stupid virginity is overrated. if i'd known it'd help i would've been whoring it up with tall aussie hockey players with blond curls and blue eyes.

i'm desperate enough to try anything. maybe start with the Pill. i wish i were slutty. i despise being a 21-year-old virgin!!! with effing killer cramps!! i have a party to attend tonight! there will be buffet, booze, karaoke and lok lok and i'm fucking stuck home. after doing my nails yesterday! ooh the fuckness of it all just drives me up the wall!

some more mum had the fucking nerve to call and ask me to run an errand for her just now. i don't hate you all enough to curse death upon you but i'm so close. fml

bruce willis is really handsome in friends though.


kent said...

经痛适应为子宫收缩,和处女完全没关系啦 ~

MiN said...

我叫我朋友问他们的 ‘非处女’ 朋友看看我的 theory 是否成立