Friday, 17 September 2010

if it's love..

a few days ago fann popped into my room, flopped onto my bed and said his coupled up friends were having a hard time staying together. ''no sparks, they say,'' he'd rolled his eyes. ''everybody knows that doesn't last forever.''

wow. my baby bro is actually quite mature! sometimes my friends ask me why my cute, eligible bro isn't fooling around with girls.. i always say he's looking for something more than [for lack of a more suitable phrase] a quick fuck. i've seen him in love and the word 'serious' comes to mind. i still hate that bitch for messing with him. slut! [yeah it's so unfair she's so pretty].

we chatted about love for a bit.. he said something i'm an advocate of-- being friends before you begin dating. so when the ripping-clothes-off-each-other stage passes, you have something to fall back on. but then i wonder, how would we differentiate between love and friendship then? i'd never managed to figure it out and always ended up calling off the relationship even when i still wanted to do the clothes-ripping. haha.

i used to think love was just hormones, glorified. but some people say it's possible to fall more and more in love everyday. some say love is provision for the family-- the glow fades, so marry rich so you'll at least have a safe, comfortable life. some say love fades but the companionship is what sustains couples.

it is times like these when i wish i could age faster so i can find the answers to my questions!

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